Sunday, 14 July 2013

New post after a long time!! *yawn*

Helllooo fellas!! yeah i was hibernating... :p seriously speaking, i had my board exams... lots of pressure... That does not mean i restrained myself from clicking.. infact i got my first DSLR in my hand... nikon d5100 it is.. with a 18-55 kit lens... okehh!! enough talking... now let the pictures do the talk..

And i am too lazy to catagorize these pictures...


Saturday, 20 April 2013

My facebook page launched!!

...And finally launched a photography page in facebook..
Please like if you like my work.. :)

click the link below to visit the page..

prayas nag photography in facebook

Friday, 28 December 2012

Looking back 2012...

And finally the year ends... Just don't know whether to be happy or sad.. By the way here are the list of things I did and enjoyed...

i) On January I got promoted to 10th standard. Afterwards in February I organised a photography exhibition in our school on the occasion of Saraswati Puja showcasing photographs snapped by the talented junior photographers of our school... The exhibition got good response from the students, teachers, parents and the visitors...

 ii) From the beginning to the end of this year i continued unfolding the magics of photography (after my initial learning programme by Anirban Saha)

iii) Nothing special happened between March to August... Thus I spent the time photshoping and experimenting...

iv) 5th August was my birthday... In august I was spending my most of the time trying to figure out how to showcase my photographs to the public. Then I discovered I made a photography blog for myself and made the first blog post on 19th August.
click here to view my first blog post

vi) On 16th August my photograph was published in TTIS- a weekly newspaper from The Telegraph..
Click here to view the picture.

vi) In October I made a blog post Smoke Photography(edited) for which I got a huge response.
In fact at that time I got the highest web traffic.

viii) In November I had a hell of a fun in Jagatdhatri puja..
Click to view the pictures

ix)This year I made 17 blogpost including this one.. quite good I think as i started blogging from mid august...

x) And as the year ends the board exams are coming near and thus my fear is also growing...
I have to score 85% marks yo get a Nikon D5100..

In short this was a heck of a year..

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Light Motion

"Playing with the torch can yield good result" I learnt this today....
Light Motion pictures can be tiring and boring during the shoot... but after you get the results you will think that all the sweats are worth for...
Publishing a few light trail pictures...

And to be honest I used a wired structure for the portrait of Gandhi ji... :-P

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